Streamline your organization


Is your organization in a tangle? Or maybe you are going through a merger or reorganization?
Together we can ensure smooth processes, result-oriented jobs and a committed team.

Organization: who does what?

Has your business grown organically or grown too fast? Then, sooner or later, there will be headaches. Symptoms include loss of quality, rising costs, increasing work pressure, delivery backlogs, internal arguments, unsatisfied clients, etc. What is the cause? People working alongside each other, or maybe even against each other, nobody knowing who does what.

Or are you undergoing a (de)merger, a reorganisation or a transition? Do you need a clear picture of the future? Which activities, structures and skills do you need?

Count on me for:

  • A central thread linking your work processes: a chain in which each link brings added value.
  • Targeted roles, job and skill profiles with result-oriented fields and clear KPIs.
  • An overview of areas for improvement within your organization, team working and processes.

What do we get? Meaningful work, a professional and dynamic team and satisfied clients.

Marleen has a special insight into the needs of the business and a unique capacity to make rapid connections. We had a project that had been put on the back burner due to complexities related to various aspects of HR – job and skill profiles, classification, career ladders and training. Marleen set up a complete roadmap within a short space of time. – Isabella Theys – HR Manager Allnex Belgium

Changing consumer requirements have resulted in reorganization of the team. Marleen has always led the way, taking into account our vision of the future and the sensitivity of a changing organization. I see her as the driving force of the project and value her proactive and supportive way of working and her creativity very highly. – Pascale Snauwaert, Manager CC Test Aankoop

Given her professionalism, diplomacy and empathy, she has successfully carried out several sensitive job classification projects. – Jan De Greve, Job Evaluation Specialist.

Why choose me?

Extensive experience | Large and small organizations, profit/non-profit and cross-business/sector expertise. You can count on a rapid and accurate overview of your work processes.

Future-oriented organisation
| I keep up to date with recent developments in organization design and provide advice on the form of organisation most appropriate in your context. This prepares you for the future.

The right questions | R&D, marketing, sales, production, technology, ICT, finance, HR, etc.: I ask the right questions and suggest key areas for improvements. Job classification allows me to assess whether job content is in line with remuneration.

Practical and to-the-point | My proposals are assessed not only by management but by all involved. Regarding job and skill descriptions, or organigrams, everything can be put on a single A4 sheet.

Get in touch with me to discuss your organization.