Professionalize your people

People-oriented HR management

Attract talent, motivate and grow: this is the goal of your human resources management.
We work jointly on HR vision, good practices and workable solutions.

As a manager, you will have the following questions

  • How can I attract talented people? How can I make sure they find us?
  • How can I integrate them into our team and our organization? How can I keep them happy?
  • How can I develop them, how can I make sure they grow? How can I remunerate them correctly?

Professional HR management has answers to these questions. Count on me to deal with these issues together with you, in line with your organisation and its future challenges.

Professional HR management: this is what you get

1. A vision of HR management, tailored to the mission and values of your organization.
2. Tools that managers and their teams can work with. For example, take talent management, leadership programmes, career paths, etc.
3. Implementation, during which I am committed to producing results.

The objective? To achieve a fit between job and talent. Satisfied people who grow and feel appreciated. Teams with collective responsibility and inspirational leaders. A good atmosphere and a good social climate.

Marleen developed a complete and coherent HR system with a lot of creativity and extremely hard work, while meeting tight deadlines. All of this with a smile, strong in the face of adversity and opposition from those who didn’t want change, managers and staff alike. 10 years later, the system still stands and is still the basis for what happens today in HR management of an international organisation with 2400 staff in 30 locations. – Patrick Penninckx, Council of Europe

She is well able to switch from abstract, overall organizational concepts to concrete operational scenarios and always finds a way of working towards consensus. She provides welcome support in times of change. – Ann Van Gestel, Project Leader, Talent Management, ACV

Why clients work with me

To build on their fundamentals | Vision, working practices, tools: there are plenty already in your business. I take time to bring these aspects together and optimize them. There can be a fresh start and progress can then be achieved.

For unique HR expertise | Cross-business expertise spanning service and industry sectors and ranging from museums to aerospace: I have developed HR management in various sectors. This experience helps me to rapidly familiarise myself with a business and provide innovative insights.

To connect and consolidate | I connect all areas of HR and provide a one-page résumé of your HR cycle. In this way everybody can see the overall picture and quickly link in to your HR management.

Everyone is a winner | Managers, personnel and unions: I initiate dialogue, build bridges and create trust.

What is the objective? HR management in which each person sees a role for himself or herself.

Get in touch with me to discuss your HR management.