Build your future


Is your business facing a challenge? Are you ready to meet it head on with a concerted team effort?
Together we can develop a joint vision and a measurable plan for the future.

Troubled waters?

Every business has its ups and downs. It can be impacted by sudden market shifts, a reorganization, a merger, the emergence of a start-up, a new CEO. Events like these often lead to uncertainty. You will have to make choices, but there is no shortage of options and ideas at hand.

You know very well how important it is to have a clear roadmap for your future. Market knowledge and a clear vision of your business and organization are key. And there is no time to stand still.

I can help you in 3 steps:

  1. We take your colleagues through a proven scenario with strict timing.
  2. They then focus on essentials and come to a shared vision.
  3. They translate this vision into a measurable, concrete action plan.

In this way, you get things back under control. Once your people have developed a shared vision and joined forces, they are able to deal with business tremors and gradually give shape to the future.

The strategic and organisational development approach provided an excellent stepping stone to develop a common vision followed by many spontaneous initiatives. It has given the staff a feeling of belonging and working towards a common objective, to speak about different approaches and to listen to each other’s positions in a respectful manner and positively contributing to the work of the others. – Patrick Penninckx, COE

The strategic workshop with 60 stakeholders had the great merit of being broadly supported. The social partners accepted the results and demonstrated their willingness to adapt their policies accordingly. – Sophie Lijnen, Director, Fopas

I took part in an exciting project with Marleen in the transition from a pioneer phase to a professional organisation. Thanks to her innovative approach regarding what people and an organization can mean for the future in their context. – Luc Hoebeke, Engineer

What do you get?

Short and to the point | No long-winded reports or interminable workshops. We go right to the nub and you get an action plan that will provide inspiration.

Ensured broad support | Why not roll out a strategy at the outset? That won’t work. Vision and actions are best when they come from your people themselves. In this way they put their weight behind what you are doing.

Proven approach | A number of businesses, industries, and even the Flemish Government, commissioned me to carry out a study of the Flemish Labour Market.

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